Chinese Tattoo Symbols Idea 2016

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Chinese Tattoo Symbols Idea – The Chinese tattoo symbols idea is identical with Chinese dragon tattoos have long been a staple in body art, and with good reason. These colorful animals are the right style to build anyone’s body has good look. You can draw Chinese dragon tattoos yourself.

chinese tattoos designs


The first is start with the face. Draw an almond shape to the eyes, triangular for hair protruding, mustache and beard, triangles for teeth and a branch line or a curve to his tongue. Draw squiggly lines to create the body shape. Draw a line winding key that serves as the lower body, bending it as you like. Draw another line above the first, placing it as far as you want. Give wings. Draw a line from the back of the dragon as your Chinese tattoo symbols idea, which forms an upward curve, reaching a point and then curve like an umbrella to create the shape of the wing. From the bottom tip of the umbrella, draws about three curved lines also reach a point. Fill in the details of the wings as you wish. Repeat for the second wing.


chinese tattoo designs

Create your arms and legs. The arms consist of two straight lines, double, with a bend in the elbow. The legs, if bent under the dragon, must be a semicircle that ends with a claw. The claws are drawn with three lines that radiate from a single point. Draw all the details in the triangular tip that you’ve created as the tip of its tail. Add the glorious details, it ends with the scales, eddies, smiling faces and detailed embellishments you want to include in your dragon. The details may be embellished, but simple enough spaced so you know what they are for your Chinese tattoo symbols idea.

24 Photos of the Chinese Tattoo Symbols Idea 2016

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