History and meaning of tattoos in the lower back

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Lower back tattoo – Apart from the obvious importance of the design, the location of your tattoo can say more about you than intentional symbolism behind it. The lower back tattoos are very popular among women, especially those born in the decades of the 80s and 90s, often those with a slightly open mind refer to them as “witches trap “.

lower back tattoos

There are various psychological associations who believe there is a strong relationship between tattoos and social behavior. The increased popularity of low-rise jeans has led to much greater attention to tattoos on the back, and it is believed that the more visible and large the tattoo is more sexually available women.

What symbolizes a lower back tattoo on a woman?

Apart from the negative connotations and stigmas associated with a tattoo on the lower back, many women choose this area because they can easily cover whenever they want. When the artist takes this into account, the tattoo can be visually stunning if you keep your hips and curves, instead of going against them. From a practical standpoint, the lower back is the perfect canvas because it is flat and spacious. If you are unsure, you can start by asking something small to increase further as you want.

As for the symbolism and meaning of a tattoo on the small of your back, the choice is entirely up to you, as virtually any design will fit in well. Women often choose more soft and delicate designs. Among them are tribal , Celtic knots , butterflies , dragons , fairies , slogans , dolphins , stars , flowers and unicorns , which are some of the most common options . That said, none of these ideas is exactly original, so if you approach one of these designs make you looking for something a little more abstract at the hands of a good artist to do your lower back tattoo stand out from the rest.

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27 Photos of the History and meaning of tattoos in the lower back

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