Holy Buddhist Tattoos

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Holy Buddhist Tattoos are characterized by their deep symbolism and spiritual meaning. Among the most common designs, we can find images of Buddha, of the deity Ganesha, Dharma Wheel, and among others, the Bodhi tree, to a lesser extent. That’s why today I want to invite you to know the symbolism and meaning behind this tree, let it. The Bodhi Tree belongs to the species of ficus religiosa calls a sacred tree species native to Asia and more specifically, in countries such as Nepal, India, Indonesia, China and Vietnam. Followers of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism know him as the “sacred fig”, as under a tree of this type was that Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) failed to reach Nirvana.




The symbolism behind holy Buddhist tattoos. Also called the bodhi tree and the tree of awakening, your sacred reputation is because, as already mentioned, in the year 528 BC, Siddhartha Gautama attained Nirvana. That is why it was called this, Bodhi means “awakening” and all the trees of this species are considered sacred, as they have a strong relationship with the spiritual world. The Bodhi symbolism is associated with the figure of Vishnu, one of the fundamental archetypal deities in Hinduism. From there states that Vishnu sustains the universe with Brahma and Shiva form the divine triad of the Holy Trinity.



In tattoos , the Bodhi tree is often used as a symbol of happiness , luck , illumination , calm , hope , peace , charm , laughter , patience , longevity , innocence , tranquility , perseverance and illustration. Many times it is a design that includes many colors and sometimes accompanied by the image of holy Buddhist tattoos and other deities.


81 Photos of the Holy Buddhist Tattoos

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