Ideas for short quotes, meaningful sayings, poems and song lyrics to design tattoo

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Tattoo quote ideas – Every time we go out, ride our favorite places , such as shopping centers or clubs, or anywhere you are, know or see many different types of people, and some of them have an eye -catching ink … a beautiful dragonfly, or butterflies flying around flowers Japanese  very colorful and beautiful ! Or this guy in particular favorite horror films of all the characters around the right leg, and even one with only a few Chinese words on the back of the neck.

tattoo quote ideas for men

So what is your basis for that? Perhaps you are asking! Well, from my point of view, every person I mentioned has a unique and original expression! Maybe you’re asking, but come on! Each will have the same tattoo quote ideas as people have! Maybe, maybe not! … But! For each person, who has a history or a sense of life in ink / body? For example: The girl with the beautiful dragonfly, means that this insect was identified as wonderful, and only along the design, there is no other, but even more colorful dragonfly flying around, which means the new birth of firstborn daughter like if you look at the guy with the Chinese words in the neck: It can be translated as: loyalty, passion … which means it’s very serious about what they do, or what he loves to do! … And what about this mature man with a pair of wings on both sides of the bottom stop , and shift in the center of each wing, with a name on it , and around some small words ? Or? Maybe for someone who is not particularly , but to him the meaning of life , because he signed this design to the loving memory of his faithful dog, who died a few months ago , and he was all the world … and those words small to say : In my heart … forever . My real reason for all this to you real examples is because I want to show you the many languages ​​and the hidden history that a tattoo can have. And that will make original and authentic, even if someone else has the same ink as yours, but it will be very different in the concept of meaning, and how, etc. body tattoo quote ideas has to do with connectivity starting through of the visual, spiritual and ideological, and ending with a permanent commitment should feel proud and confident for life!

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