Japanese Kanji Tattoos 2016

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Japanese Kanji Tattoos – How to choose a Japanese kanji tattoos of a Kanji character, the Kanji is the oldest of the three writing systems used in Japan today, and the use Kanji in tattoo designs remains one of the most popular choices that people make when you decide to get tattooed. As in the case of any foreign language, so before you choose one and stay with it, make sure you know what the symbols mean.

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Decide the Kanji letter you want. You might want to translate your name or the name of a loved one and use it in your design, or you may want a word that symbolizes something important to you, like “Patience”, “Serenity”, “Loyalty”, “Force” or “Love”. Keep something in mind, many American names do not translate well into other languages, and can even translate as something derogatory. Research the name or word you want tattooed in Kanji. Do not trust the tattoo artist that does the research for your Japanese kanji tattoos design. Due to its popularity, many tattoo shops have books on hand containing Kanji, but unless you have someone to speak or write Japanese for verification, there is no guarantee that this particular book is correct for your .


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Research the online Kanji. To help you in your research, the internet is a good tool to find Kanji symbols. There are many free sites that list popular words or even provide a translator tool. Find a particular word on how many sites as you can to compare the similarities in the symbols that each site provides to determine if it is the closest to the correction of your Japanese kanji tattoos.


25 Photos of the Japanese Kanji Tattoos 2016

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