Meaningful Tattoos Joker

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Meaningful Tattoos Joker – We will tell you about meaningful tattoos joker even the Joker may be the villain of the Batman movie or classic joker drawing the cards, if you like original tattoos speak of Joker. The term can refer to two distinct concepts, the card of the deck and the evil character of the films based on the DC Comics comic. It depicts a jester or clown has wildcard value. The term derives from the German Jocker. This letter was introduced in card games on 1860, the theory says that is created with the value to be used as a great triumph in the game, not the joker we know. The letter is represented in red, black and white.

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The other theory is that the Joker was created for the game of poker as a wildcard . It represented a court jester, 1880, because of its appearance and its resemblance to the Tarot Fool card became discredited. This figure is very similar to the Fool card of the Tarot deck. The loco is a Major Arcane Tarot the number 22 or arcane without number. Rebuke crazy spontaneity, freshness, daringly combines wisdom and some nonsense. The loco carries on his shoulders a backpack with the four elements of the Tarot. The Fool represents the meaningful tattoos joker.


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The Joker in Batman is a villain character appearing in DC Comics and is an enemy of Batman. The joker is a bad personality, which remains true the motto “before dead simple” appearance usually always eccentric in his white painted face and clothes in bright colors combined together. The Joker is evil by nature and obsession is harming Batman as the meaningful tattoos joker.

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