Scorpio Tattoos for Men

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Scorpio tattoos for men have a story associated with folklore, zodiacal signs, medicinally and art. Tattoos Scorpions have many ways to be portrayed from the sexy scary. It can be done in a variety of colors, styles and details. Tattoo location is also important in the design of a tattoo. The most common location for a man in the arm, shoulder or back. A woman is likely to have a tattoo of a scorpion on his arm, back or ankle.

scorpio tattoos pictures


Determine the size and location of the tattoo. Use a ruler to measure the height and width of the scorpion on a piece of paper. Mark the paper with a pencil to remember the size with which you are working. Draw the picture of a scorpion next to your paper. You will use this as a reference in developing the tattoo. Draw the basic shape of the Scorpio tattoos for men. Let’s call them construction lines. Draw lightly, as these lines will be erased later.


scorpion tattoo designs for men

By focusing on the tail, outlines the basic rectangular shape. Add tail lines for starters, the spacing of the lines away from the body, so that narrows as they reach the sting. Erase the construction lines and connects the separate lines to form the oblong shape of the tail segments. Outlines the heel shaped legs ligament. This should be seen as small circles and ovals. Fill in as much detail claws. Note that the upper claw is greater than the bottom. Draw the mouth of the scorpion. Two segments on the front of the head that is similar to but much smaller claws. Erase the construction lines and darken your permanent lines. Filled with shading or color you want as the Scorpio tattoos for men.

23 Photos of the Scorpio Tattoos for Men

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