Tattoos For Women: Tattoos Designs on Shoulder

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Shoulder Tattoos for Girls is one of the most common tattoos. The shoulder is a body part that makes it possible for both large surfaces , playing with the body so peculiar geography of the scapula bone , but also allows small pieces very easy to hide . Shoulder tattoos for women are often reasons delicately as classic models bracelet tattoo tribal tattoo based on flowers , butterflies , stars , paw prints of cats , chinese letters , Japan Arabic, Kanji , etc. .

top shoulder tattoos for girls

A tattoo on the shoulder of a woman can be sexy , but not necessarily the female rather more “popular ” and fashionable. More conventional and less original than some other places , such as the hips , the orca tattoo allows a wide range of ultra reasons varied, with the use of some very attractive body curves , which are also open to other tattoos . The tattoo on the shoulder is often a first tattoo, which opens the door to others.

There are many stars and famous women with tattoos on their shoulders : Lady Gaga , Angelina Jolie , Rihanna , Pink and Amy Winehouse. Shoulder Tattoos for Girls, which often tend to spread, on each side of the back , neck and neck , either directly in the arm sleeve is also a very select part in Shoulder Tattoos for Girls of the body for men : Tribal Bracelet , not very masculine, a few years, the tattoo on the shoulder is often part of a larger piece in men : dragon , snake , animals such as lions , tigers , octopus , etc. .

shoulder tattoos girls

22 Photos of the Tattoos For Women: Tattoos Designs on Shoulder

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