Tattoos on feet: Suman Remaining or our shoes style?

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Tattoos on feet – Fashions are those repetitive trends mass where people adopt or stop using certain accessories, clothes, lifestyles, etc. And they are public figures who usually help to disseminate and masificarla through different media, with only appear in them. One of those trends that have emerged recently among celebrities is done tattoos on the feet. So people like Britney Spears, Eisa Gonzalez , Rihanna , Kelly Osbourne , Kate Hudson , Demi Lovato and many others, have decided to make use their feet to look the most different designs of tattoos.

small tattoos on feet

Mainly a fad that has been taken very fast over the past year, and occurs mainly in women

Now if you think about it, it is simply a matter of taste. But may have to think twice, if we are girls we love our shoes and we look truly important to them at the time of dressing. So for example a Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo, you are a true jewelry on our feet by the glamor and elegance, perhaps lost much of its charm with a notorious tattoo.

But as they say , about tastes there is nothing written , but we recommend that those who decide to become one in the foot , care must be higher than in any other part of the body , as it is considered an area ” Broth culture ” for bacteria. Moreover, tattooing specialists in this area indicates that there is a possibility that the Tattoos on feet ink spread over the skin, spoiling the design.

tattoos on feet with words

20 Photos of the Tattoos on feet: Suman Remaining or our shoes style?

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