Tongue and lips tattoo design ideas

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Lip tattoo ideas – The words are simple and austere, and always signed with clarity; they do well when it signed on the tongue or lip. Choose a word that represents who you are and what you do, or just a word that is what you would say to someone with whom you feel comfortable revealing the tongue or inner lip. While it is possible to get a job in a cursive script clear, clear lettering for easy reading block high.

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Celestial Bodies

The stars are a good choice when you want to tattoo on the inner lip or tongue because they are small and at the same time they have a way suggestive. You can get the stars that are simple line diagrams; the stars that are solid colored stars are black or even colored. The moon is another good option, especially if combined with a few stars. A crescent moon has a different shape that will look good on the tongue or lip. If you like astronomy, a planet with a ring around it is another option.


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If you are a particularly affectionate, or want to remember to always speak good of others when you can, a heart tattoo on the tongue or lips. The heart is a feature that is easy to recognize, is that it is easy to Lip tattoo ideas to clearly. One heart in the center of the lip or in the center of the tongue is a simple design, or you can opt for something more distinctive and the use of various hearts.


Flowers are associated with femininity and beauty, and a simple flower does well in the lip or tongue. Choose a simple daisy-like flowers scheme or choose something more petals, as a rose. You can add a strong blush to give the flower a little visual variety or green petals can add a few to add to the complexity of the Lip tattoo ideas


23 Photos of the Tongue and lips tattoo design ideas

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